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Are you thinking about getting your own website to sell online?

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Are you tired of online selling sites?

I have been selling online for almost 10 years now. I started selling on ebay and became a silver powerseller. I was selling high volume for years until I left ebay like so many others, because of all the ridiculous changes. In 2008 I decided to leave ebay, so I opened my own website and I had moved all my items over from ebay to a site called Bonanzle which now is called Bonanza. I have to say I have wasted 3 years on Bonanza.. The site sucks, there is no traffic and no buyers. Not to mention they expect you to do all the work to bring traffic to your booth.

I have tried some other sites as well over the years only to close them all up. I have neglected my own website for years, wasting my time with other sites. So I got rid of them all and now only focus all my energy on my own site. I have to say it feels really good to be in charge of your own website and have full control over your own business.

A friend of mine who was a powerseller as well had recommended this site to me, PrestoStore. So I joined and have been with them ever since. I have some friends who have joined as well and are very happy with this company, just as I am..

Are you tired of selling on sites like Ebay, Ecrater, Etsy, Bonanza and all the other online sites? Take control of your own business and the brand you have worked so hard on and get your own website. Now you no longer have to rely on these online sites anymore. It doesn't matter if your business is small or large...

The question is.. are you ready to open your own website and take control of your own business? If you are.. then check out PrestoStore


PrestoStore - To read more Click image to enter site..

I have been using them for many years and have friends who have joined as well. It is so worth the $29.95 a month. Everything is included and they have the best customer service ever!

There are no catches with them.. Everything is included even your domain name. Everything is unlimited.. no worrying about how many products can you list for the money. There is no bandwidth nonsense to worry about either, like on other sites. They also have a directory where you will find all of our websites.


They do all the work for you! - Click on image to enter website to read more!

All you have to do is just keep adding your products!


Try a Demo store to see if you like it - It is easy to use just click on the image to enter site to view more..

Create a Demo store to see if you like it before you commit. They will not ask for any credit card info until you decide to activate your store. I know before they gave you 15 days to try a demo store. So you have nothing to loose, so give it a try and see if it's for you..


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