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Review of Weighmax W-2809 90 LB x 0.1 OZ Digital Shipping Postal Scale from ebay

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

I purchased this scale after I returned the other one which was no good. This scale is way smaller but it has all the features that I need and it gives an accurate reading. The scale is accurate, it will give you a reading from 0.1 oz which is good for letters and small items. it also gives the an exact reading on the oz instead of rounding it off. Its a stainless steel with a black frame. It feels like a nice piece of heavy duty equipment that won't let you down.

I am very happy with this scale, accept for one little thing and that is, the stainless steel seems to be getting a little tarnished on the front reading part and if you touch any of the stainless steel part with your fingers.. it will leave a print. I may see if there is something I can do to remedy that little problem.. maybe some kind of stainless steel polisher to clean it and maybe use a wax or something..

This scale is small and compact but don't let the size fool you.. it can weigh up to 90 lbs.

This scale can work with batteries and comes with a power cord. When using the batteries, the scale will turn off automatically after 90 seconds. It has an energy saving backlight and it can read in lb, Kg, lb/oz, oz also has convenient Tare/Hold Function.

This seller has sold 5,201 and has a review rating of 4.9 average based on 247 product ratings which is very good.


Weighmax Series 2809 90 LB x 0.1 OZ Digital Shipping Postal Scale With AC adapter, Stainless Steel

  • Solid structure - Weighmax New postal scale is Improved with a more solid structure built by newest technology. With built-in stainless platform, this new postal scale is much more durable and easy to maintain.

  • Enhanced capacity with higher precision- This new postal scale weighs up to 90 lbs in 0.1 oz graduation. It can meet all your needs from a first-class package to parcel packages. Min Start weight: 10g.

  • Multi Measuring Units with extra Large LCD display - This new shipping postal scale has four measuring units: lb, Kg, lb/oz, oz. The extra large back-lit LCD display allows you to work under any environment.

  • Convenient Tare/Hold Function- Shipping postal scale features tare function which allows you to zero out the number for multi-packages purpose. Hold function allows you to lock the number after you take the package off the platform. Especially useful for over-sized package.

  • Power supply: USB cable, Batteries, AC adapter ( All Included). When using on Battering, it will turn off automatically after 90 seconds. When using Ac adapter for power supply, it won't turn off automatically.

  • Worried about the accuracy of the scale after a long time use? See the innovation in this scale: you can do calibration by yourself choosing any knowing weight from 5lbs. Manufacturer Calibrated out of the box.

  • 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty

If you would like to purchase the same model.. This is the seller I purchased it from.

My review would be 5 Stars and

I Highly recommend!

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