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Spiritual & metaphysical

Spiritual & Metaphysical, Crystals and Energy Healing Practices

Divine Matrix Citrine Candle Holder

Divine Matrix
Crystal & Metaphysical Tools for your Spiritual Journey

Crystal & Metaphysical, Crystal Grids, Altar Sets, Citrine, Amethyst, Quartz, Fluorite, Jade, Moonstone, Bloodstone, Black Onyx, Selenite, Crystal Cleansing & Charging Sets, Tumbled Stones, Healing Wands, Massage Wands, Points, Clusters, Energy Tools for Transformation and Meditation.

Web Site: www.Divine


Magic Hour Tea & Transformation
Time for Infinity

The Ceremony of Connection. Tea & Transformation Subscription Box. Make Time for Infinity at Dawn & Dusk -- Where Everything is Possible. Our botanical potions and transformational teachings bring you the world’s finest mind-body-soul growth!

Web Site: Magic Hour Tea & Transformation

Oshun Spirit Healing

Oshun Spirit
Earth Friendly Goods

We offer a unique assortment of earth-friendly goods for your home and garden, eco-chic soy and bamboo clothing, luxurious spa indulgences, and a collection of beautiful, energetically-enhanced resonance jewelry. Healing modalities, personalized study programs, and metaphysical and spiritual consultations with Master Teacher Susan Berry.

Web Site:

Bittle Box Art Orgone Energy

Bittle Box Art Orgone Energy

Orgone Positive Energy Generators (OPEG's)

Our artfully designed Orgone Positive Energy Generators (OPEG's) act as amplifiers and intensifiers for intention or for transmuting negative energies into positive energies. Some are made to direct those energies for specific purposes, some are small enough to be worn around the neck or carried in a purse or pocket, some are made for energy healers and massage therapists, some are perfect to place next to a houseplant or in the garden, while some are big enough to transmute negative energy in a room of your home or office. All are made to benefit our healing and personal growth and that of our beautiful planet.

Web Site:

White Witch Parlour

White Witch Parlour
Bringing Magick to the Mundane!

Here to inspire, teach & help others to move forward towards a 5D consciousness. In this lifetime I have made the decision to dedicate my life to aiding others in there awakening to a higher consciousness and showing them the magick that exists within them.

Web Site: White Witch Parlour


Luna Blue Boutique
A divine toolkit for the modern mystic.


At Luna Blue Boutique you will find rare, beautiful crystals and stones, ornate hand-crafted crystal wands and beautiful natural crystal pendants. Each item is hand picked or hand crafted, utterly unique and one of a kind.

Web Site: Luna Blue Boutique

Sloan Bella

Sloan Bella
Psychic Medium and Astrologer

Her psychic readings on celebrities who have passed away are amazing. Here is her youtube channel at Sloan Bella.

Web Site: Sloan Bella

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